Edible Landscape Plants

Edible Landscape Plants

Edible Landscape Plants and Trees


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Edible Landscape Plants and Trees, The Edible Parts of Plants and Trees Commonly Found In Gardens, Available From Local and Specialized Nurseries
-Fern Ritchie

This book describes the edible plants found in your garden. How many Edible Landscape Plants and Trees in the garden did you grow for appearance and color without knowing that you could also eat them? There is plenty to eat out there.

Have you ever heard the saying, “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”? Well, you can also say, “food, food, everywhere and not a bite to eat.” That is, unless you have read these books.

In times of strife, economic or disaster, the need for food does not diminish, but the usual sources may not be available. Many of the plants and trees that grow in your yard as ornamentals have edible parts. Some edibles are nutritious to a degree, while others are highly nutritious. If you are really hungry, either way, they are a ready source of available food.

You may learn about the food sources that surround us, and they present new possibilities for your eating “pleasure”. A person need not go hungry under these circumstances if there is a willingness to learn beforehand. The American public has so allied itself with instant food, sprayed vegetables, out of season and commercial sources, they no longer know the pleasure of the simple things of life. Take away instant, prepared, and out of season foods, would they know how to take care of themselves and their families?

It’s time to wake up to the natural possibilities available. The need is closer than you may think.

One main purpose for this book, indeed, the entire Incredible Edible Series, is that whatever situation you find yourself, there is always food available. It’s always good to know what is edible in an emergency, or just for a new eating adventure.

This is the third book in the Incredible Edible Series. 978 identified plants and 328 color illustrations are included in the 448 page book.

Edible Landscape Plants

Part A.
Introduction.Botanical Names.Seed Life. Viability. Collecting Seeds. PH Range. Fertilizer Sources and Mineral Availability. Fertilizer Sources. Keeping The Bugs down. Climate Zones. Zone Map.
ISBN: 0-939656-34-5

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